May 7th, 2012


Ogre Designer's Edition

I just supported the Ogre Designer's Edition wargame from Steve Jackson Games here in Austin, TX via Kickstarter.

This was an easy call for me.  I still own the Ogre and GEV mini-games and these were some of the very first science-fiction based games that I ever bought and played, going all the way back to my teens when I would road-trip to Orlando with friends to visit the legendary hobby store Enterprise 1701.

My father started me on my love for gaming, so board games will always hold a special place for me.  We too often get caught up in faceless computer gaming in the modern world, but board games can be played just about anywhere under any condition and you're face to face with your opponents (who usually are your friends and family) and I don't believe we should ever let this fade away.  From the looks of the success of Steve Jackson's Kickstarter project I am definitely not alone in that reasoning.

Now, if I could just convince Steve to finally hire me, maybe as the Ogre line editor this time, the circle would be complete.